24/7 Fire, Medical and Home Burglar Alarm System Monitoring

Alarm system panels that simply sound an horn make a lot of noise and could, possibly, scare off an intruder. But how would you know? Did he leave? Is he still in the house wielding a weapon? Is he making plans to overcome anyone who tries to stop him? Is he just an amateur kid or a professional burglar? Alarm monitoring does more than simply make noise. It actually assesses your situation and then alerts the proper authorities, so they can provide the help you need. A simple siren attached to your doors and windows can provide a false sense of security for you and your family. It's only with 24/7 fire, medical and burglar alarm monitoring that you have full confidence of getting immediate assistance.

Fire, Medical and Burglar Alarm System Monitoring Works When You're Home or Away

Most people naturally think of the advantage of having a home burglar alarm system for the times when their house is occupied. It's certainly true that fire, medical and burglar monitoring is highly valuable in this situation. But monitoring can be just as valuable when you're away from home.

Home burglar alarm system notification to our local central monitoring station operators can save your valuable possessions while you're away on vacation. Fire alerts sent out automatically while you're at work can allow for help to arrive in time to save your home, your belongings and your pets from disaster. Portable two-way medical notification lets you go where you want to go without fear of help being out of reach.

New Wireless Protection with Cellular Monitoring

Your phone line is the single most vulnerable point in your entire security system. Wireless alarm communications eliminate that vulnerability and provide you with the protection and dedication you need.

Our wireless communicators provide a secure, cellular link that transmits alarm messages to our local monitoring facility, giving you the confidence that alarms will be transmitted instantly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even when phone lines are down. Even if you don’t have landline phone service connected to your home! So you will finally be able to cut the cord without compromising home and family safety.

Two-Way Interactive Audio Verification

Everyone feels more secure when they know someone is nearby. As the leader in Two-Way Interactive Audio Verification, our local central monitoring station gives you the peace of mind that someone is there in an emergency to provide instant and personal alarm monitoring to protect your property.

Two-Way Interactive Audio Verification provides hands-free communication throughout your home directly to the central monitoring station - without the use of a telephone. The alarm system has a speaker and microphone that allow audio monitoring or two-way conversations with a central station operator when an alarm signal is detected.

Two-Way Interactive Audio Verification can be activated only by you at your home. Your privacy is always maintained, as activation is owner initiated. When the alarm is activated, the central station receives the emergency signal and begins audio monitoring. The operator will ask if you need help and request your pass code.

Either by listening in or speaking with someone at the premises, the operator will determine if an emergency situation exists. In the event of an actual emergency, the proper authorities will be dispatched to your home.

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