UL Central Station

Certified Alarm Co. is a UL Listed Central Station by the Underwriters Laboratory and is 100% Certified and Tested for SIMS Disaster Recovery.

At Certified Alarm Company, we know that 24-hour monitoring is one of the most important parts of a security system. It is the critical link between our customers and the local responding authorities. When a signal reaches our Central Station, our trained operators immediately notify the customer, and the proper authorities of the exact nature and location of the alarm or emergency. Without monitoring, you are dependent upon a neighbor or someone hearing the local siren or bell to inform police or fire officials of an alarm sounding somewhere in the neighborhood. Most think that burglaries are committed in the evening, but Police and FBI records show that a majority of burglaries occur during the daytime when homeowners are away at work or picking up the children from school. Who will be around to hear your alarm sound? Just like car alarms, local sirens and bells can be easily ignored. Precious minutes can be lost before the police, fire, or emergency departments can respond.

Our UL listed Central Station is located at our office in Sheffield, AL. Our operators work closely with local authorities, which enables us to provide quick notification of fire, burglary, hold-up and other emergency signals. If you are looking at other alarm companies, be sure to find out where their Central Station is located, in or out of state or even by a third party. A third party Central Station is one that monitors for numerous alarm companies who do not have their own monitoring station; this situation can result in poor customer service due to their limited knowledge of your particular system and the local area, and often no verification of alarm signals to prevent false alarms. Certified does not monitor third party alarms, so all of our efforts are focused on our 2,600 local customers instead of 100,000 to 200,000 national accounts

At Certified Alarm Company, we feel it is important to be installed, serviced and monitored by the same full service alarm company in order to provide quality 24-hour service, protection and the reduction of false alarms. We have operated our own Central Station since 1978, and we are proud of the fact that we are the first and only one in the area to develop and install a fully computerized UL Listed Central Station.

Certified Alarm’s Central Station has 100% redundant equipment and power back up, plus we have teamed with SIMS to provide Disaster Recovery. We have dual mirrored Dell Servers running Novel 4.11 with SFTIII (System Fault Tolerant) Software, Radionics D6500 and D6600 Alarm Receivers, Safecomm radio Receiver and the SimsII Central Station software for fully automatic receiving and logging of all signals into the Central Station. With 5 Dell workstations we can have up to 5 operators during emergencies. The back-up power is provided by a natural gas generator capable of powering all equipment, lighting, heating and cooling for the entire office. This is backed up by a smaller generator for all critical equipment, and still more back up by having UPS units on all Receivers, Servers and Workstations. The Certified Central Station, in addition to normal telephone line monitoring, offers the higher security of Long Range Radio, NetCom (Internet) and Cellular backup (Coverage is available in most areas of North Alabama).

By being a UL Listed Central Station, all aspects of the Central Station are regulated and inspected by the Underwriters Laboratory on an annual basis. This inspection includes the building, equipment, personnel and operating procedures.

Certified has the only UL Listed Central Station in North Alabama. Please call (256) 383-1225, or go to the Contact Us page to request more information.
  • Local UL listed Central Station Alarm Monitoring.
  • Long Range Radio Alarm Monitoring.
  • UL listed monitoring via the Internet. (NetCom)
  • Cellular backup

These are a few or the areas we serve. Contact us for more information

Alabama: Sheffield, Florence, Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia, Cherokee, Killen, Rogersville, Russeville, Red Bay, Haleyville, Winfield, Hamilton, Athens, Decatur, Huntsville, Hartselle

Tennessee: St. Joseph, Lawrenceburg, Loretto, Waynesboro, Savannah

Mississippi: Iuka, Corinth