Remote setting of day, night, holiday and auto modes

Normally, the systemís day/night mode operation will be manually controlled at an ESI Feature Phone with the Day/Night Button and/or set to follow the day/night mode tables (programmed by the Installer) automatically.
In addition, the Administrator can remotely change the mode and/or re-record the holiday greeting to handle unexpected closings such as for inclement weather.

Remotely logging into the system with the Administrator password lets the administrator re-record the ID 1 greetings (day, night, day2 and night2) and the holiday greeting, as well as change the mode to
day/night/holiday/day2/night2 (or auto).

*Note: If this doesnít admit you to Administrator-level programming, contact your System Administrator, the password has been changed from the factory default number. Certified will not have any record of this number, but can retrieve or reset it back to the default with remote programming, call for service @ (256) 383-1225