Protege Voice, User Set-up.

This must be Set-Up from your personal phone.
1. Dial the Access Code (430) or Press the "Voicemail" Key.
2. When ask for your password dial "0000" (The Default password)
3. Listen to the tutorial. Follow the prompts to:
1. Enter your new personal password (must be four (4) digits) when requested.
2. Record your name when requested.
3. Record your Personal Greeting when requested. This is what the caller will hear when you are not at your phone.
4. Press "*" to exit the Set-Up Mode.
4. Your Mailbox is now set up and ready to use.

Checking your Voicemail.

Analog phones have Studder Dial tone to indicate a message; Digital phones have the Message Button blinking.
1. Dial the Access Code (430) or Press the "Voicemail" Key.
2. If away from the Office, Dial the Number answered by the Auto Attendent. When you hear the Auto Attendant Greeting, Dial "#" followed by "XXX" (your Extension Number).
3. If at another users phone, Dial the Access Code (430) or press the "Voicemail" Key. Then Dial "*", "#"" followed by "XXX" (your Extension Number).
4. Enter your Personal Password, when requested.
5. Protégé Voice will tell you if you have new messages or saved messages
6. Follow prompts to, Review (1), Send (2) or enter Mailbox options (3).

While listening to the message, you can dial,
   "7" To Rewind 5 seconds.
   "8" To Pause and restart the message.
   "9" To Forward 5 seconds.
   "#,#" To Skip to the next message

After each message the Protégé Voice ask you what to do with the message. Dial,
    "1" To Replay the complete message.
    "2" To Save, Keeps in your mailbox. (will be deleted after the Specified number of days)
    "3" To Delete the message.
    "4" To Reply to the Sender. (Internal users only)
    "5" To hear the Date/Time the message was recorded.
    "6" To Send to another user. (Internal users only).
When Finished, Dial "*" until the Protégé Voice Says "Exiting the System, Goodbye"