ESI, IVX Voicemail User Set-up.

To set-up your personal Voice Mail box, Record greeting 1, enter your password and set the password security level.


To set-up the Guest Mailboxes,
Press the "Program" or "PROG/HELP" Key, the "*" key and enter your assigned mailbox number (starts with MB300). The default password is the mailbox number and "#" (example for MB300 the default password is 300#). Follow the prompts to record your greeting and change the password.

To Check your messages from another phone inside the system, press "VOICEMAIL" "*" and your mailbox number.

If you are outside call ___-______ and when the auto attendant answers press "*" and your mailbox number.  Anyone you call from outside can press the blue voice mail key on their phone and hang-up, at this point you hear the auto attendant greeting, press "*" and your mailbox number.