Changing/Recording the ESI/IVX Auto Attendant and Holiday Greeting



  1. On any ESI phone within the system, press PROG/HELP. (Note: If using an ESI Feature Phone that has separate PROGRAM and HELP keys, press PROGRAM.) The normal station programming menu prompt will begin to play.

  2. Stop the prompt by pressing PARK ("Park 3" on older systems or, on a newer ESI phone, HOLD). Then enter password XXX (System Adm. Default Password, see note below) and then #.  

  3. Press "6" for prompt recording.

  4. Press "1" to record the system prompts.

  5. Press "1" to record the Auto Attendant branch. Or dial "540#" to record the Holiday greeting.

  6. Follow the prompts and record the Day Greeting, Press "#" when finished.

  7. Follow the prompts and record the night Greeting, Press "#" when finished.

  8. Hang up handset when finished.

    Set the Answer Mode by Pressing the "DAY/NIGHT" key until the Display shows the desired mode. ( Day, Night, Hday or Auto) The Auto Attendant will continue to answer in this mode until changed or set to back to Auto


    *Note: If the default Password doesn’t admit you to Administrator-level programming, contact your System Administrator, the password has been changed from the factory default number. Certified will not have any record of this number, but can retrieve or reset it back to the default with remote programming, call for service @ (256) 383-1225