NEC EliteMail VMP Digital Voice Mail, Getting Started


When you call the EliteMail VMP system for the first time, you will be asked to

personalize your mailbox. Doing this will open your mailbox and make it ready to use.

Entering Your Mailbox

* Lift handset.

* Dial EliteMail VMP.

* Dial your Personal ID, if necessary (typically 9 + your extension number).

* Follow your prompts to accomplish the following steps.

* Dial 1 for YES or 2 for NO to confirm each entry.

Record Your Name

* Record your first and last name.

* Dial * to end recording and review your name recording.

* Dial 1 to re-record, otherwise dial 2.

Spell Your Name

* If requested, spell the first 3 letters of your last name by dialing the corresponding numbers on your telephone dialpad.

Choose Your Directory Listing Status

* Dial 1 for YES or 2 for NO to chose whether or not you wish to be listed in the

EliteMail VMP directory. It is recommended that you choose to be listed, as the

directory lets outside callers reach you by your last name if they do not know your

extension number.

Record Your Outside And Internal Greetings

* Dial 1 for YES if you want to record different greetings for outside and internal callers, otherwise dial 2.

* At the prompt, record an appropriate greeting to callers who reach your mailbox. Use the handset to record your name and a brief, descriptive message.

* Dial * to end recording and review your greeting.

* Dial 1 to re-record, otherwise dial 2.

Set Your Security Code

* Dial 1 for YES if you wish to enter a Security Code to safeguard your mailbox from

unauthorized access, otherwise dial 2.

* Enter a Security Code of 3 to 10 digits via your telephone dialpad.

* Dial * to complete code entry.

* Re-enter your security code, as prompted, for confirmation.

Opening Your Mailbox

* Dial 1 to confirm your personalized settings and open your mailbox for use, otherwise dial 2.


NOTE: Your personalized settings can be changed at any time through Setup options.